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Thread: CAS 3 v8.4 and XP SP3

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    CAS 3 v8.4 and XP SP3

    Hi guys

    I used to have SP2 on my PC, and CAS 3 v8.4 worked great.

    I have now upgraded to SP3 but CAS always crashes on start.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: CAS 3 v8.4 and XP SP3

    As it works perfectly on my xp3,i can only suggest a couple of things.Firstly,if you have not tried this already,restart your computer,make sure no other programs are running.then try cas3.
    If this fails,remove cas3 with add/remove programs,restart computer,freshly download cas3,install,restart computer,then run cas3.
    Hope this helps.

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