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Thread: Help for dvb card nexus

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    hello. i want to buy dvb card nexus. i dont know which is model is better?
    please help me and give me List all models nexus dvb card. Thanks.

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    Re: Help for dvb card nexus

    I'm not not sure (in so far as) by "which is the best", as there really is only the Technotrend S or C 2300 (S= Sat C=Cable), they are otherwise the same Philips (NXP) SA7146AH DVB Chip and TI AV7110 DSP Chip.

    If by which version 1.00 to 2.3... Well there again you can only (AFAIK get the Rev 2.3 Moded), sadly they moded the worng part though, as by "modded" they were refering to the J2, basicly the same crap as the accessery Cable RGB to Scart, DD to decoder etc.

    It would've been better had they done the 4Mb mod, as the GUI's under VDR (I'm assuming this is why you'd want the card in the first place! I knew it was mine!), as they aren't as flashy as I'd like 'em to be.

    My advice is to stick with Myth (if you can deal with it, it's awsome for Cable (i.e. limited Channels), and well if you have to use Sat, then I'd aggree VDR is the only way forward. (in so far as simple down to earth channel Management). Soething I'd really wish MythTV had...

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    hello. my friends, i need to dvb card to watching sattelite tv. recieve data(internet via sattelite by high speed). and software plugin for watching scambled channels and mpeg2 hardware. vista support. . technotrend or nexus( model). you recomend which mark or model?
    thanks for help me.

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