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Thread: Diablo and ORF

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    Diablo and ORF


    I am a newcomer and have some problems to receive ORF.

    Friday afternoon it was possible to see ORF, ATV etc. However at midnight there is no screen at all.

    1. Does ORF have free transmission in the afternoon?
    2. Is it not possible anymore to see ORF with a Diablo (2.51) and a TF 500PVR?
    3. Is perhaps a daily key change required or no possibility at all?

    It would be nice to have some information on this matter.

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    Re: Diablo and ORF

    I would think the most likey answer would be to update the ~key(s)~ on your CAM.
    AFAIK: ORF either has or had support for the following:


    Allthough I think you have to use Nagra2 to open it up these days.
    Just d/l an updated keys.bin file and update your CAM either with the Diablo Base or the CAS3. Barring that you can find the Key (check the Softcam Section), and enter the Key manually with your remote...

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