Aussie Grand Prix faces axe

Council says no to new contract

The Australian Grand Prix is facing calls to be axed when the contract to stage the race in Melbourne expires in 2010.

The mayor of the City of Port Philip, the Melbourne council that hosts the race, cites economic, social and environmental grounds for the axe.

Councillor Janet Cribbes explained that residents have had enough and she spoke out on their behalf.

She said: "Why should they have to suffer the noise and the inconvenience of a car race in a park, for a race whose public price tag blew out to 41.3million (19.94m) last year?"

Although there were suggestions last week of a new deal that would last until 2015, it seems that the council is taking a stand.

"It's simply not fair that this event is exempt from the normal legislative protections empowering Victoria Police and the Environmental Protection Authority to take action on noise and other infringements on residential amenity," said Cribbes.

"The race does not benefit Victoria as a whole. It simply doesn't stack up on

economic, social or environmental grounds."