Orange TV DTH service debut details

Details have emerged of the Orange TV DTH offer that will be available from July 3, as reported in earlier editions of Broadband TV News. Orange subscribers that are not able to get television via their DSL subscription will be supplied with a special hybrid Orange Live Box, including a satellite receiver.

The basic offer will be free and consists of the full DTT offer: TF 1, France 2, France 3, France 4, France 5, Arte, M6, Direct 8, NT 1 , TMC, LCP/Public Sénat, Gulli, Virgin 17, NRJ 12 and W9, with the new Orange Sport TV thrown in as a bonus.

On top of this, a number of additional tiers will be available, much like the Orange IPTV offer. With “Mes chaînes thématiques” four AB Group channels – RTL9, AB1, Toute l’histoire and Mangas (€9.90) are included. “Mes chaînes Ciné” will meanwhile provide the movie channels Ciné Polar, Action and Ciné FX (€9.90) and “Mes chaînes adultes” XXL and Dorcell TV (€8.90).

Later this year, the offer will be augmented with the new Orange Cinéma Séries offer, which will consist of five SD channels and one HD channel.