Zone Thriller makes Entertainment move

Chello Zone is moving its Zone Thriller channel from the movies section of the Sky EPG to Entertainment. The switch will allow sister channel Zone Horror to commence a +1 hour version. At the same time Zone Reality Extra will close on July 1.

In moving to the Entertainment section – Chello Zone has secured a block of channels in the 140s – Zone Thriller is looking to broaden its appeal with new paranormal-themed programmes in daytime and murder mystery movies during the evening prime.

“The UK boasts the most exciting and evolved multi-channel environment in the world,” said Steve Cole, Chello Zone’s Senior Vice President of Channels. “We believe the repositioning of Zone Thriller and the launch of Zone Horror +1 will bring more viewers to these fantastic channels and protect us from viewing pattern changes.”

Zone Thriller will move to channel 148 while Zone Horror will manifest itself on channel 322. Sky’s planned reshuffle of the Movie section on August 4 will see Zone Horror moving to channel 319, and Zone Horror +1 to channel 320.