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Thread: vplug install help

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    vplug install help

    right. With all the new vplugs that come out whenever I select "dvbdream" as the destination folder it lists plugins/pip1-pip10 and then installs vplud dll in pip1. WHy???? can I just have it install in 1 simple folder, no pip stuff? After that to get it to work I have to move vplug.dll from pip1 to the root of the plugins folder

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    Re: vplug install help

    please help...

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    Re: vplug install help

    You must install it into pip folder. pip00 is used when you watch only one screen.
    Other pip are used when you select pip (picture in pictures).
    Copy all instaled files to pip00, then in plugins directory run copy_all.bat
    It copies plugin to other pip (it is not needed if You don't use pip)

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    Re: vplug install help

    merci et aplus

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