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    Bbc Prime

    Hi there
    is it possible to receive BBC prime with the Diablo .i can get it with MRB cam but not Diablo (with BBC prime added using fausto)

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    Re: Bbc Prime

    Care to mention on which Bird it's on, you know Transpoder, H/V SR FEC?

    My first guess would be that you didn't install the Key correctly, as the Diablo should be able to open up more then a MRB, especally after the update to Rev2.3

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    Re: Bbc Prime

    Sorry it would help wouldn't it!!!
    Hotbird 11117v 27500 3/4

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    Re: Bbc Prime

    Got it working ! put v_tps file in emu/tps3 file and bbc prime w9 boomerang etc now working

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