ITV goes global

UK commercial network ITV is to again attempt to get an international channel launched, particularly setting its sights on markets across the Asia-Pacific region.

Yesterday (June 23) ITV highlighted its existing UKTV channel already on air over the Middle East, and said that the service would be rebranded and relaunched later this year. The new iteration is now being showcased to broadcasters further afield, especially in Asia.

"The development of a channel which showcases our amazing and varied high quality programming is an important part of our business," said Peter Iacono, president/MD of ITV Worldwide. "The opportunities that Asia presents are very exciting for us and we look forward to getting feedback from cable, satellite, and IPTV operators throughout the region."

James Ross, regional director for ITV Worldwide, added: "The introduction of this new entertainment channel from ITV for Asia, initially as a limited preview channel, forms part of a concerted effort to broaden the reach and value of our programming to new audiences.

ITV Worldwide has based itself in Hong Kong and comes from the recently merged Granada International programming distribution business and Granada Ventures, and is seen as providing a fresh impetus for selling ITV-branded programming around the world.