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Thread: Gbox on NAT

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    Gbox on NAT

    I'm getting internet from a private ISP via LAN, who seems to be sharing a single connection he's getting from a national ISP, with his customers in the region by assigning a local IP on his network for every customer.
    Therefore, Network Address Translation (NAT) ( is used in his case, which seems to be causing some serious problem with my UDP ports.
    I cannot connect to some peer-to-peer clients' networks (eMule's Kad, Limewire had connecting problems I called the guy he fixed it don't ask me how). Anyway, the main thing is GBOX, it can't seem to connect on any UDP port I'm using. Always getting (Here?) messages. Is there a way to solve this port issue?
    Here's a screeshot, I'm using Wolfbox for my Starsat:


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    Re: Gbox on NAT

    Man you should ask your Isp to do port forwarding this case which you are using for Gb,othervise forgetit it will never work on udp,worst scenario many of the isp they block udp traffic for seciurity reasons attack floading etcCheers

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    Re: Gbox on NAT

    Hi! I have the same problem, in algéria with adsl isp, I tried days and days to open UDP ports on my smartax mt800 huawei router modem, to try gbox with starsat 5300cu super
    But i didn't succeed, the ports are often closed and testport ( always can't connect to the site. It seems that the ISP that blocks all ports for sécurity reasons ! Good Luck!

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    Re: Gbox on NAT

    you can use HAMACHI to connect gbox, but the condition is all your peers instal hamachi and create a room, like a game room
    i use it somme moment and it work good,
    good luck

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