SK Telecom, SMG link for new media

Korean wireless operator SK Telecom has signed a deal with China’s Shanghai Media Group to cooperate on new media services.
Under the terms of the memorandum of understanding, the two companies plan to partner on services including mobile TV and IPTV.

SMG is one of China’s major media outfits, with 13 television channels and a host of radio stations. In April the company received a US$12 million investment from Intel to develop its internet TV service, with Intel providing “funding, technology research and product development, to build a more secure, convenient, and stylish online TV platform”. The company already offers new media services including interactive TV, mobile TV and IPTV as well as internet TV.

SK Telecom last year won control of broadband network operator Hanarotelecom for Won1.09 trillion (US$1.2 billion), buying a 38.9% stake. Hanarotelecom offers telephony and broadband internet access, as well as the Hana TV IPTV service. Hana TV is South Korea’s leading IPTV operator, although the country’s laws still restrict IPTV to on-demand services rather than real-time broadcasting. That is set to change and both hana TV and rival KT’s Mega TV polan to offer linear channels.