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True Movies 1

Crossed Over (Film)
Based on a true story. The mother of a hit and run victim forms an unlikely friendship with a woman on death row. With Diane Keaton.
Director: Bobby Roth
Starring: Diane Keaton, Maury Chaykin, Jennifer Jason-Leigh, Connor Price, Nick Roth, Bruce Beaton
(Made For TV, 2002, 12, 2 Star)

A Fight For Justice (Film)
A teenager who has cancer vows to change an unjust law and help her family. Anna Chlumsky, John Ritter and Bill Clinton star.
Director: Waris Hussein
Starring: John Ritter, Tess Harper, Anna Chlumsky, Sarah Chalke, Karl David-Djerf, Bob Morrisey
(Made For TV, 1996, U, 3 Star)

Fighting For Gemma (Film)
David Threlfall, Gary Mavers and Lorraine Ashbourne star in this searing docu-drama about a gravely ill child whose parents launched a bitter landmark legal battle to claim compensation.
Director: Julian Jarrold
Starring: Christine Anderson, Lorraine Ashbourne, Laura Brattan, Denise Bryson, Joe Caffrey, Robert Calvert
(1993, PG, 3 Star)

Cry In The Wild: The Taking of Peggy Ann (Film)
David Morse, Megan Follows and David Soul stars in this dramatic story of how a deranged backwoods loner kidnapped a 17-year schoolgirl, sparking the largest manhunt in the history of Pennsylvania.
Director: Charles Correll
Starring: David Morse, Megan Follows, Dion Anderson, Tom Atkins, Travis Swords, David Soul
(Made For TV, 1991, 15, 2 Star)

She Woke Up Pregnant (Film)
Based on a true story. When a woman went to the dentist for a routine operation, she never expected to wake up pregnant. Based on a true story.
Director: James A. Contner
Starring: Michele Greene, William R. Moses, Lynda Carter, Theresa Saldana, Joe Penny
(Made For TV, 1996, PG, 3 Star)

Love Can Build A Bridge (Film)
The true story of Naomi and Wynonna Judd - two women who became country music's most honoured and successful female singing stars. Soundtrack by The Judds. With Ashley Judd.
Director: Bobby Roth
Starring: Kathleen York, Viveka Davis, Bruce Greenwood, Melinda Dillon, Bob Nellis, Cari Shayne
(Made For TV, 1995, 15, 2 Star)

Murder Without Motive: The Edmund Perry Story (Film) A compelling portrait of a young black man who was determined to break out of the ghetto but who paid a terrible price for his dreams. With Curtis L. McClarin.
Director: Kevin Hooks
Starring: Curtis L. McClarin, Anna Maria Horsford, Carla Gugino, Christopher Daniel Barnes, Taurean Blacque, Guy Killum
(Made For TV, 1992, 3 Star)

Deadly Whispers (Film)
Pretty, flirtatious Kathy Acton was a 19 year old who thought nothing of having an affair with a married man. Then one day she went missing...With Tony Danza.
Director: Bill L. Norton
Starring: Tony Danza, Pamela Reed, Ving Rhames, Heather Tom, Camryn Manheim, Sean Haberle
(1994, 15, 3 Star)

Murder Between Friends (Film)
EasterEnders actor and former Spandau Ballet star Martin Kemp joins Stephen Lang and Timothy Busfield in this drama about an ingenious, brutal murder plot that goes horribly wrong.
Director: Waris Hussein
Starring: Timothy Busfield, Stephen Lang, Martin Kemp, Lisa Blount, O'Neal Compton, Alex Courtney
(Made For TV, 1994, 15, 3 Star)

Things You Do For Love: I Still Believe (Drama)
.. I Still Believe. The story of a young dancer who had an affair with a married pop star Ronnie Hilton, who left her as a single mother. Stars Terrence Hillyer.

The Gulf War (Drama)
This mini-series charts the scandal of the Gulf War Syndrome and how military families fought for compensation for those stricken by the disease. With Jennifer Jason Leigh and Ted Danson..

The Gulf War (Drama)
This mini-series charts the scandal of the Gulf War Syndrome and how military families fought for compensation for those stricken by the disease. With Jennifer Jason Leigh and Ted Danson..


True Movies 2

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David's Mother (Film)
Based on a true story. Kirstie Alley and Michael Goorjian both won Emmy awards for their performances in this drama about a devoted single mother and her autistic son. Stockard Channing also stars.
Director: Robert Allan Ackerman
Starring: Kirstie Alley, Sam Waterston, Stockard Channing, Michael A. Goorjian, Chris Sarandon, Phylicia Rashad
(Made For TV, 1993, PG, 3 Star)

The Killing Secret (Film)
Only a mother's undying love and a young woman's integrity can expose the truth behind a class-divide murder in this chilling crime-drama. Starring Soleil Moon Frye, Ari Meyers, Tess Harper.
Director: Noel Nosseck
Starring: Ari Meyers, Soleil Moon Frye, Tess Harper, Mark Kassen, John O'Hurley, Erika Flores
(1996, 12, 2 Star)

Her Desperate Choice (Film)
Based on a true story. A mother is convinced that her ex husband has molested their daughter - but when a court order gives them joint custody she goes into hiding, taking their daughter with her.
Director: Michael Scott
Starring: Faith Ford, Kyle Secor, Hanna Hall, Nigel Bennett, Lynne Cormack, Mimi Kuzyk
(Made For TV, 1996, PG, 3 Star)

Anything to Survive (Film)
In this desperate true story of survival, a father and his 3 children battle storms and ice after they are shipwrecked on an isolated island off Alaska. With Matt LeBlanc.
Director: Zala Dalen
Starring: Robert Conrad, William B. Davis, Tom Heaton, Ocean Hellman, Matt LeBlanc, Emily Perkins
(Made For TV, 1990, PG, 3 Star)

Untamed Love (Film)
Based on a true story. She savagely attacks other children, but is six year old Caitlin a menace to society, or just another of its victims ? A very special teacher is required to help her !
Director: Paul Aaron
Starring: Cathy Lee Crosby, John Getz, Gary Frank, Jaime Gomez, Mel Winkler, Richard Fancy
(Made For TV, 1994, 12, 3 Star)

Other Women's Children (Film)
The true story of a doctor whose unstable marriage is put under tremendous strain when she devotes all her time to caring for terminally ill children.
Director: Anne Wheeler
Starring: Melanie Mayron, Geraint Wyn Davies, Eric Pospisil, Frederic Collins Jr.
(Made For TV, 1993, PG, 3 Star)

Torch Song (Film)
Screen siren Raquel Welsh heads the cast of this glittering drama as a movie queen who meets the love of her life in rehab but encounters problems in the outside world. Alicia Silverstone co-stars.
Director: Michael Miller
Starring: Raquel Welch, Jack Scalia, Alicia Silverstone, George Newbern, Laura Innes, Nada Despotovich
(Made For TV, 1993, 15, 2 Star)

Widows (Drama)
This action-packed '80s mini-series tells the tale of three widows who vow to finish the job left undone by their husband's deaths: robbing the most valuable security van in the UK.

Last Wish (Film)
Patty Duke and Maureen Stapleton star in this award-winning account of how a stricken mother sought a daughter's help in fulfilling her last wish: to die with dignity. With Dwight Schultz.
Director: Jeff Bleckner
Starring: Patty Duke, Maureen Stapleton, Dwight Schultz, Lee Wallace, Tresa Hughes, Patricia Englund
(1991, PG, 3 Star)

Race Against Time (Film)
Based on a true story. When their daughter goes missing, her frantic parents face a near impossible task to try to find her without any police assistance. With Patty Duke and Richard Crenna.
Director: Fred Gerber
Starring: Patty Duke, Richard Crenna, Katy Boyer, Missy Crider, Jon Gries, Ele Keats
(Made For TV, 2000, 12, 3 Star)

See You in My Dreams (Film)
Aidan Quinn heads an all star cast in this true story of an overwrought rancher trying to look after his son and keep his marriage together.
Director: Graeme Clifford
Starring: Aidan Quinn, Marcia Gay Harden, Will Estes, Stephen Jared, Paul Angel Flores
(Made For TV, 2000, PG, 3 Star)

Shattered Family (Film)
Even an 11-year-old child has rights - and none more so that Gregory Kingsley, the American boy who made legal history by 'divorcing' himself from his abusive parents. In doing so, Gregory set a legal precedent for the rights of children everywhere.
Director: Sandy Smolan
Starring: Richard Crenna, Rhea Perlman, Linda Kelsey, Cotter Smith, Joycelyn O'Brien, Cyril O'Reilly
(Made For TV, 1993, PG, 3 Star)