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Thread: CAIDS in Humax 5700/Dragon

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    CAIDS in Humax 5700/Dragon

    HI there, I am trying to update my cam CAIDS but no sucess so far...I can update the .dra file into the loader card (presently 3.67) and then load it on the cam...but the caids on the screen stay the same old ones (yuckes, Irbeto, Ohalladin, etc.....I Can not acess/add new DCW cause there is none to pick from..
    I notice this readme file onpredator files:

    A cam has to register the crypto ids it can handle with the receiver.
    The standard does not limit the number of crypto ids sent by the cam; however,
    in practice many receivers start behaving really weird when the cam sends more than 16.
    Unfortunately, this is all done at startup, the cam can not later on change its mind and
    register other ids.
    For this reason some more obscure IDS have been removed to make room.

    HOWEVER, the crypto ids registered by the cam are editable in the binary file.
    At position 0x4BBC you will find them, structure is:
    - 1 byte, number of CA IDS to register with the receiver.
    - 1 byte value 00, do not change.
    Then, the CA IDS, 2 byte each, big-endian.
    There is room for 31 ids if you want to try if your receiver can handle more than 16.
    Don't forget to change the first byte if you add or remove ids.
    If you just change existing ids, there is no need to change the first bye.

    Can anyone please explain me how to do this ? Which BIN file?! Can I do this using Dragoncrypt 1.15..which files/order should I load?

    Many, many ks in advance!!


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    Re: CAIDS in Humax 5700/Dragon

    I am quite new to this myself and like you there seems to be no way of updating via the remote. However if you download the preditor edit software you can see and change all the files in their before downloading them to your cam.This is a very easy and simple way of doing it.

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