SkywayUSA is Looking for Additional Dealers Across the Continental United States

Customers in rural areas across America continue to sign up for SkywayUSA in ever increasing numbers. SkywayUSA plans on growing to 10,000 customers by this summer, and over 100,000 customers by 2009. In order to reach customers who do not have high speed internet access via cable or DSL, Skyway needs dealers to better serve the rural areas of America.

SkywayUSA offers rural customers Fast, Affordable and Reliable high speed satellite internet service starting at only $29.95 per month. Unlike two-way satellite competitors, SkywayUSA can be shipped directly to a customer's home and then self installed in about an hour. Because of an entry-level service fee of $29.95 a month, SkywayUSA is rural America's low-cost satellite internet provider.

Just like the service, Skyway has an affordable dealer program that finally allows dealers to concentrate on sales. Skyway is the only plan in the industry with NO CHARGEBACKS!! Once the system is activated, Skyway's dealers get paid and the residual program lasts for the life of the customer.

SkywayUSA's dealer program will revolutionize the satellite community. The plan has a revolving inventory program that automatically replenishes activated systems. This means no reoccurring equipment cost, no restocking fees, and no shipping fees on replacement systems.

SkywayUSA is the only satellite internet service that is relatively service free for dealers. The hardware is guaranteed by Skyway. Skyway's technicians can log in to the customers modem and accurately diagnose any service issues eliminating the need for 95% of all service calls. Because skyway employs a phone line instead of a transmitter for the return path, the installation takes minutes instead of hours and there are few if any service calls. SkyWay's system is so simple that over 90% of Skyway customers install the system themselves!

How can SkywayUSA help your bottom line? Current Satellite Internet dealers have seen as much as a 50% increase in call volume because of the industry leading $29.95 price point. More importantly, this $29.95 bronze plan is not an introductory price! Because Skyway's $29.95 plan is more than $20.00 less than 2 way competitors plans, Skyway service will attract new customers.

SkywayUSA is utilizing the best technology in the business! SkyWay is currently beta testing the cell phone return path modem that will truly be better that current 2 way Satellite Internet. SkywayUSA's modem utilizes DVBS-2 technology that means the customer gets the best surfing experience possible. SkyWay is the only North American provider of this technology.