More Voices Target Sat Radio Merger

While the ongoing wait for a decision from the Federal Communications Commission on the XM/Sirius merger may be getting tiresome, a handful of notable entities made their opinions known about the deal last week.

In separate filings at the FCC, two public radio groups voiced their opposition to the pending merger.

Oregon Public Broadcasters said a merger would create a "monopolistic provider of satellite radio services" and "negatively impact the local public services provided by terrestrial public radio stations." A group representing Tennessee public radio stations said a merger should contain conditions requiring the incorporation of HD Radio technology in satellite radios, something the Oregon group also requested.

In their separate filings, the Parents Television Council and the National Council of Women's Organizations lobbied for prompt approval of the satellite radio merger.

And in a separate proceeding, the Recording Industry Association of America submitted a filing that stated it discussed the pending merger with a commissioner. But the group wouldn't disclose any specifics, saying only that association representatives talked about the impact of the deal on the record industry.