Film Four & Film Four +1 30-06-08.

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The Dark Corner
(1946)Lucille Ball stars in this quality film noir. Cunningly plotted and ominously atmospheric, a down-at-heel private eye finds himself accused of a murder he didn't commit
Long before she found fame as the dizzy wannabe starlet in sitcom 'I Love Lucy', Lucille Ball had a reputation for brightening up even the dullest studio-made drama. The Dark Corner catches her just before she entered the big league and the result is a highly accomplished thriller, undeservedly eclipsed by her later achievements.

Sea Wife
(1957)Four very different folk find themselves on a lifeboat following the sinking of a British cargo ship. Flashback-heavy war-time drama starring Richard Burton and Joan Collins
From starring in 'Dynasty' to cameoing in 'Footballers Wives' and banging the drum for the UK Independence Party - the embarrassments of Joan Collins's later career have masked the fact that, back in the day, she was one of Britain's biggest actresses. Just two years before headlining Sea Wife, Jackie's elder sister was summoned to Hollywood by the illustrious Howard Hawks to star in Biblical epic Land Of The Pharaohs. Sure, The Bitch and Empire Of The Ants might have dulled her luster but there's a good reason why some people still talk about Collins with something approaching reverence.

Castle of Cagliostro
(1979)A wonderful piece of animation that combines high adventure, vigorous slapstick and artistry to wonderful effect. The feature debut of Japanese anime master Hayao Miyazaki
Castle Of Cagliostro Hayao Miyazaki (Princess Mononoke) made the leap from working in TV to writing and directing feature-length anime with this adventure yarn.

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe
(1991) An aging woman's stories about a Southern girl's tough experiences growing up inspire a lady with assertiveness issues. American comedy-drama starring Kathy Bates, Jessica Tandy and Mary-Stuart Masterson
Fried Green Tomatoes On the face of it, Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistlestop Café resembles any number of films about the deeds of one woman inspiring another to perform her own great feats. One doesn't have to examine Jon Avnet's debut feature too closely to discover what singles it out. While mutual appreciation is common enough in women's pictures, lesbianism is a less frequently encountered animal. It's the Sapphic aspects of Fried Green Tomatoes that make the film remarkable. Indeed, without them, there'd be an inescapable feeling that we'd seen this movie before.

(2005)Matthew McConaughey stars as intrepid treasure seeker Dirk Pitt, whose obsession with a long-lost Civil War battleship takes him across west Africa and into a plot involving warlords and water pollution. Action adventure based on the books of Clive Cussler
Sahara Despite a variety of attempts, from Richard Linklater's The Newton Boys (1998) to submarine adventure U-571 (2000), the mantle of action hero has always eluded Matthew McConaughey. Playing Dirk Pitt, a daredevil Indiana Jones-alike hero, Sahara is his most concerted effort yet to stake this claim. Given that there are 14 books in the series by Clive Cussler, this is a potential franchise if ever there was one.

The 51st State
(2001)Samuel L Jackson and Hong Kong director Ronny Yu bring Tarantino-style action and humour to Liverpool
51st State It's easy to see what attracted Samuel L Jackson to this project. Not only is his character, American master chemist and drug-manufacturer McElroy, often delivering Pulp Fiction-esque words of wisdom when he's not outwitting the bad guys and the cops, but he's a pretty cool dude, too Â* even if he does insist on wearing a kilt.

LA Confidential
(1997) Russell Crowe stars as a tough LA cop working alongside cynical Kevin Spacey and promotion-hungry Guy Pearce in Curtis Hanson's Oscar-winning film.Brilliant adaptation of James Ellroy's detective novel about three cops confronting corrupt businessmen, sleazy journalists and assorted trash in 1950s LA
LA Confidential James Ellroy's complex, multi-layered novel looked untranslatable to the screen. Director Curits Hanson and screenplay-writer Brian Helgeland simplified the story, stripping down the involved narrative, removing several sub-plots along the way, to create a slick, still-complex tale of Tinseltown sordidness that somehow remains completely faithful to the spirit of Ellroy. The film is a procession of little miracles. Antipodeans Guy Pearce and Russell Crowe adopt faultless accents to play cops of varying moral rectitude. Crowe's tough guy Bud White falls hard for Kim Basinger's femme fatale, who bears more than a passing resemblance to Veronica Lake. The film is immersed in the real fantasy world of Hollywood, and the characters rub shoulders with movie stars and lookalike hookers.