Film Four & Film Four +1 01-07-08.

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(1949) Otto Preminger directs late 1940s glamour queen Gene Tierney in an unusual tale of mental illness and murder penned by the prolific talent Ben Hecht
Alfred Hitchcock said that Ben Hecht was "in constant touch with prominent psychoanalysts during the 1940s". This obsession bore fruit in the surreal mind-games in Hitchcock's own thriller Spellbound, and in this later collaboration with film noir director Otto Preminger.

Elephant Boy
(1937) Here making his screen debut, the young Sabu was discovered when the film crew for Korda's and Flaherty's production arrived in India. Spending over a year on location, Flaherty (a documentary-maker) handed over the plot details to Korda on his return to England. The tale (based on a short story by Kipling) concerns a young Indian elephant-handler, Toomai, who discovers a herd of wild elephants that a group of British conservationists have been looking for. The shots of breathtaking scenery, the animals and Sabu's unaffected performance combine to make this unmissable.

Monkey Business
(1952) Some 12 years after Grant and Hawks worked together on Bringing Up The Baby, they returned to screwball comedy, with Grant playing a bespectacled, absent-minded professor again. Here he discovers a rejuvenation serum that causes him, his wife Rogers and his boss Coburn to recede to adolescence and then childhood. Th rather strained, juvenile high jinks do have their funny lines and situations, plus Monroe as an incompetent stenographer.

Independence Day
(1996) Comment on this >
War Of The Worlds gets a late 20th century make-over in this enjoyable Americans-save-the-world slice of action/sci-fi from Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich
Independence Day Aliens land on the Fourth of July, and it's down to US President Whitmore (Pullman) and feisty USAF pilot Captain Steven 'Eagle' Hiller (Smith) to do something about it.

This Is England
(2006) Twelve-year-old Shaun hooks up with a bunch of fun-loving skinheads during the long hot summer of 1983, until the spectre of racism drives the group apart. Shane Meadows' most personal film to date
At 12-years-old, and young-looking even for his age, Shaun Fields (Turgoose) looks hardly capable of breaking and entering a boiled egg. As elder skinhead Combo (Graham) jokes, he looks like "he came out of a box, like an Action Man, or Barbie doll". Shaun's loss of innocence is at the heart of Shane Meadows' most autobiographical work to date (notice how 'Shaun Fields' deliberately echoes 'Shane Meadows'), along with ever-relevant subjects like absent and surrogate fathers, Western imperialism and white working-class marginalisation, particularly in the post-industrial suburbs.

Bad Lieutenant
(1992) Keitel plays the crack guzzling NYPD officer whose wickedness would offend even the Devil in this warped, brilliant thriller
Bad Lieutenant New York cop Harvey Keitel is a crack-smoking misogynist whose gambling addiction has left him dangerously in debt to the Mafia. When a nun is raped and murdered, he spots an opportunity to redeem himself, not only in the eyes of his God but also of the mob.

Six Degrees of Separation
(1993) A young Will Smith impresses in this bourgeois farce adapted from the stage hit
Six Degrees Of Separation Donald Sutherland and Stockard Channing play a rich liberal New York couple fast-talked by charmer Paul (Will Smith), intent on insinuating himself into the lives of Manhattan's elite.