Euro '08 boosts M6 ratings

Broadcasting a few matches from the Euro 2008 football tournament, plus accompanying programming (host Estelle Denis pictured, left) was a winning strategy for M6, as evidenced by Mediamétrie’s monthly Mediamat survey. In June, M6’s audience share went up 1.9 % to 13% compared to May and 1.6 % over one year.
Co-broadcasting the soccer matches was not so beneficial to TF1, however, whose audience share grew just 0.3% over May to reach 27.5 %. Over one year, the network lost three points audience share.

If other traditional networks show quite a stability, new DTT channels, still led by TMC, W9 and Gulli, fell back 0.4% last month compared to May, passing from 11.2 % audience share to 10.8%.

Over one year, other TV channels, that include cabsat and DTT have gained 4.6% to reach 22.7% audience share.