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Thread: 9191x fast usb : softcam.key and serial port

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    9191x fast usb : softcam.key and serial port

    I tried to upload a softcam.key into my stb using dreamloader 214 and a cross serial cable ( null modem cable ), but nothing get uploaded. Anyone knows how to upload softcam.key, tps, v_plug, or any soft emu into that model ?

    The latest s/w for that model is version 11.23.0F, which has a Serial Port new menu entry. Under that, you can specify either 'Calypso', 'Gladiator', or' SSSP Protocol'. Anyone knows what are they ?


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    Re: 9191x fast usb : softcam.key and serial port

    I have the exact same problem with my 9090X Ultima...

    What doesn't anyone answer??

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