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Thread: jtag supermax ADP7000CI MAKII

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    jtag supermax ADP7000CI MAKII

    Hello, I need help ,I have DIGITAL ANALOG POSITIONNER SATELLITE RECEIVER WITH COMMON INTERFACE ADP7000CI - MAKII. IN opening the lid I can read on the flash room branded INTEL this: TE28F800C3TA90.when power up receiver, I see 8888 at the front panel, which tells me that the memory is dead, therefore I try to resurrect it.

    I insert the USB JTAG cable to parallel port of my desktop and the USB port serving a feed cable, I have some encouraging results as using the software JTAG-UP, function of read and erase work very well ,but I still have problems in the writing of flash; writing error is : Unit JTAG DCU OK TRAP-Wptr: 80000534 Write flash DR (7FF00000) LEN (00100000): please wait ... Error writing flash address at 7FF00000 ACK = 000000100_ write flash end.

    Finally I always have 8888 on the receiver branded SUPERMAX 7000 ADPCI MAKII, flashroom bears the following figures: te28f800c3ta9O but I use the te28f800c3ta, I think that is the same thing; I also tried te28f800B3-T without success, then what is the solution? I'am very tired to turn around unsuccessfully;

    I have a programmer CAS INTERFACE 3 which is supposed to be able to repair the demos MANHATTAN, EXTREME, DREAMBOX and KAON, is it possible to use them for SUPERMAX receiver ? I must clarify that I tried to use JKEYS software, but the give error, he said could not find COM1; thanks advance for any response or suggestion;

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    Re: jtag supermax ADP7000CI MAKII

    Dear Friend,
    Have you able to flash memory TE28F800C3TA90 or not?
    I tried through JTAG connected to receiver but no luck so far (using Jkeys software).
    I know this kind of memory has protection and can be unlocked somehow, but do not know how to do it.
    If you have any info about this memory, could you send it to me.
    Thanks in advance.

    Receiver SUPERMAX S9000CI,
    Processor: Sti5512AWE,
    flash: TE28F800C3TA90 (1Mb)
    JTAG: 20 pins

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