Ohio Eyes Repeal of Satellite TV Tax

One state is considering a move to rescind its tax on satellite TV service.

The Ohio General Assembly is taking up a measure that would exempt satellite TV services from sales and use taxation. The bill, introduced by State Rep. Louis Blessing (R-Cincinnati), is known as the Ohio Video Tax Fairness Act, and would repeal a tax that has been levied on satellite TV for five years.

At issue is a 5.5 percent tax on satellite TV service that the General Assembly approved in 2003. At the time, a House version included both cable and satellite services, but the Senate's version of the bill excluded cable operators.

Eventually, satellite TV was left as the lone service being taxed by the state.

Blessing's bill was introduced late last week.

The Ohio tax has been a thorn in the side of satellite TV for years. Last year, a judge ruled that the sales tax on satellite TV services is unconstitutional because it doesn't apply to cable services as well.