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Thread: what is TPS.bin & what does it do??

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    Question what is TPS.bin & what does it do??

    Hi guys,

    What is the TPS.bin and what does it do?
    can i get showtime thru it???

    i have a Strong SRT 4622X

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    Re: what is TPS.bin & what does it do??

    Tps bin are keys to open tps chanels ... and the how to do it refer to this thread

    Question can we download the tbs bin in SRT4620X؟؟؟

    And if you succeed please tell me , cose i couldn't :)

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    Re: what is TPS.bin & what does it do??

    what are tps channels??
    what can this open??

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    Re: what is TPS.bin & what does it do??

    TPS a.k.a "Television par satellite" a.k.a the second major channels provider via the Satellite (Hotbird 13 east) in France. It now has merged with Canalsatellite France and should disapear, unfortunately, this late july 2008.

    It was appreciated for its weak encryption system, which did a great favor for the broke people in france and even within the french speaking countries such as (non exhaustive list) Algeria, Marocco, Switzerland, Belgium and so on....TPS had very good channels like the pay per view channels Multivision's, the music video channels without logos everywhere on screen (unlike MTV) known as M6black, M6 rock, M6hits and many others.

    Unlike CanalSatellite channels which are, (or should i say "were") under the mediaguard encryption reputed "non breakable" (brrr i'm affraid), TPS was free of charge for the little bandits that we are.

    Rest in Peace TPS (I will enjoy it till late july for free though :) )

    Beware mighty CanalSatellite, we'll break you up soon enough.

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