TiVo CEO Ponders Satellite Developments

TiVo CEO Tom Rogers commented on the DVR pioneer's relationship with DIRECTV Thursday, offering a changing view of the efforts between the companies.

During Collins Stewart's Growth Conference, Rogers said Liberty Media's investment in DIRECTV offers "a somewhat different environment. I hope it's a more friendly environment" when compared to News Corp.'s past control of the DBS giant, he said.

There are about 2 million TiVo users within DIRECTV's business, Rogers said. DIRECTV isn't selling new TiVo subscriptions, and use of the DVR service has been shrinking within DIRECTV's customer base.

As for TiVO's DISH/EchoStar litigation, Rogers was adamant about the company's victories in the legal matter. The case is now in the enforcement phase.

"The case is not well-understood, but we won this case," Rogers said. "We won the case at the trial level. We won the case at the appeals level. An en-banc review of the case by the appeals court upheld all this."

Rogers also touted TiVo's cable rollouts with Comcast and Cox. "Cable could really help with kicking up distribution," he said.