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(1947) Entertaining costume melodrama starring Margaret Lockwood as a young gypsy who rises from maid-of-all-work to mistress of the manor.Comment on this >
Margaret Lockwood plays a social-climbing gypsy girl with the power of second sight in this Technicolor bodice-ripper from Gainsborough Pictures
Between 1943 and 1947, Gainsborough Pictures made a small number of hugely popular period costume melodramas. The predominantly female audiences of war-weary Britain lapped up the lusty escapism offered in films like The Man In Grey and The Wicked Lady, with the ostentatious elegance of their sets and costumes, unbridled passions and feisty heroines, invariably played by the studio's leading lady, Margaret Lockwood.

Blanche Fury
(1948) Victorian melodrama starring Valerie Hobson as a young woman whose arrival on a family estate is the catalyst for betrayal.Victorian melodrama starring Valerie Hobson as a young woman whose arrival on a family estate is the catalyst for betrayal, the revelation of old family secrets and murder. Stewart Granger is the scheming illegitimate son who sees Blanche as his way to reclaim what he sees as rightfully his.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
(1954) Richard Fleischer's classic adaptation of Jules Verne's novel stars James Mason as Captain Nemo.A scientist, his manservant and a roguish harpooner encounter the mysterious Captain Nemo, who tours the seas in his nuclear-powered submarine. Sci-fi-flavoured action-drama starring Kirk Douglas and James Mason
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Just as nobody's written better adventure novels than Jules Verne, so no one's produced finer family entertainment than Walt Disney. It's perhaps no surprise then that the Disney-produced adaptation of Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea is such an unqualified triumph. A superb and exciting film, Disney's picture brought nuclear science, shipwrecks, submarines, cannibals and the monsters of the deep to 1950s audiences.

Bugsy Malone
(1976) Alan Parker's musical is set in the world of 30s gangsters - but with all the roles played by children.Jodie Foster and Scott Baio get pie-eyed in Alan Parker's 1976 underage gangster musical
Bugsy Malone Drive-by shootings, gang warfare, gun crime and lethal saturated fats - Alan Parker's kiddie gangster pastiche might have been tailor-made to exorcise the twenty-first century 'Daily Mail', yet when it was released in 1976 critics decided it was too cute for school. They knew nothing. Parker's feature debut, described by the director as the work of a madman, is an audacious parody of Prohibition-era pulp fiction that throws gravel in the face of bonnet-wearing 1970s British children's dramas like The Railway Children by refusing to accept it's a kids' film at all.

(2004) Kim Basinger stars as Jessica Martin, a teacher kidnapped by vicious criminal Greer, who wants a secret that her husband possesses.A young man receives a phone call from a kidnapped woman and takes it upon himself to rescue her and save her family. Thriller starring Kim Basinger, Jason Statham and William H Macy
Cellular Did Kim Basinger make some sort of Faustian pact to get her mitts on the Best Supporting Actress Oscar? What else could account for the many misfortunes she's suffered since the Academy rewarded her for her fine work in LA Confidential? Besides a messy divorce and a lengthy custody battle, Basinger's post-LA Confidential career has consisted almost exclusively of misfires such as I Dreamed Of Africa and Bless This Child. And on the rare occasion she does get a good part, as in Eminem vehicle 8 Mile, it's seemingly calculated to

The Libertine
(2005) Johnny Depp plays Restoration writer and rogue the Earl of Rochester.Johnny Depp plays Restoration writer and rogue the Earl of Rochester. Commercial director Laurence Dunmore's feature debut is a very grown-up biopic
Libertine John Wilmot, the second Earl of Rochester, was a poet, playwright and rebel whose appetite for wine and women scandalised Restoration England. In Laurence Dunmore's The Libertine, Johnny Depp gives a stunning performance as a man who does not feel alive unless he exceeds every limit.

(2005) Hollywood psychothriller meets the German morality play in Christian Alvart's gripping twister.The Hollywood psychothriller meets the German morality play in Christian Alvart's intelligent twister
Antibodies There is a long tradition of police dramas (or Krimis) on German television, but it has rarely translated to the big screen until Robert Schwentke's Tattoo came along in 2002, giving the genre a Seven-inflected overhaul.