Huge HDTV commitment from Sky Perfect

Japanís leadership in terms of HDTV is recognised everywhere. Now SkyPerfect is upgrading its JSAT offering in high-definition, saying it will offer 62 HDTV channels during Q3 this year, and its target is to top 100 channels in HD.

SkyPerfectTV is Japanís largest satellite broadcaster (and is also a broadband provider) and although launched by Rupert Murdochís News Corp it is now owned by Itochu Corp., broadcaster Fuji TV and Sony.

It has just announced its subs numbers, which stand at 3.5m subs, and says it is now targeting 6m subscribers by 2012 drawn from its DTH operation, and e2 and Hikari services. JSAT says it will be fully complying with Japanís overall intention to switch off analogue TV by 2011.