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Thread: Problem with Net Setup on MV-9085 PVR

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    Problem with Net Setup on MV-9085 PVR

    Hi all !
    I've a MVision MV-9085 USB Combo NET box.
    I update it with the last 6.44 firmware but I can't modify the Net Setup.
    It always show me the message 'Setup IP first or active smart card menu'
    I've already setup the IP and the smartcard menu is active.
    but i can't modify the keys in the Smartcard menu and I can't ether enter the Net Setup menu.
    Does anyone have the same problem or cen help me to resolve this ?

    Please help me, I'm on it for a week now and I have tried everything I can...

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    Re: Problem with Net Setup on MV-9085 PVR

    Did you ever solve this, as I have the exact same problem.....

    Any help would be appreciated

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Problem with Net Setup on MV-9085 PVR

    after you press menu key press 9 (10 times) to activate the net setup

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    Re: Problem with Net Setup on MV-9085 PVR


    Can anybody give me some guidance on how to get the softcam working probably? (PM maybe?)

    Thanks in advance

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