Film Four & Film Four +1 14-07-08.

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There's No Business Like Show Busines
(1954) Walter Lang's Oscar-nominated film follows the fortunes of a family of vaudevillians, headed by parents Ethel Merman and Dan Dailey.Ethel Merman stars alongside Marilyn Monroe and Donald O'Connor in this extravagant Fox musical based around many of Irving Berlin's greatest hits
There's No Business Like Show Business Ethel Merman may have been the queen of Broadway (and American radio), but she rarely got to play her stage roles on film. Let's just say her voice was her best feature, and even that's an acquired taste. The grandmother of all belters, Merman sang as if her sleeves were permanently rolled up. In a country working hard to lift itself out of the Depression, she was an inspiration to millions.

The Dark Corner
(1946) Quality film noir from Henry Hathaway, cunningly plotted and ominously atmospheric.Lucille Ball stars in this quality film noir. Cunningly plotted and ominously atmospheric, a down-at-heel private eye finds himself accused of a murder he didn't commit
Long before she found fame as the dizzy wannabe starlet in sitcom 'I Love Lucy', Lucille Ball had a reputation for brightening up even the dullest studio-made drama. The Dark Corner catches her just before she entered the big league and the result is a highly accomplished thriller, undeservedly eclipsed by her later achievements.

The Mark of Zorro
(1974) The classic tale of a feckless Mexican nobleman who adopts the disguise of Zorro, masked master swordsman.A Mexican nobleman dons a disguise in order to dish out justice. Action drama starring Frank Langella, Ricardo Montalban and Anne Archer, and directed by Don McDougall
The Mark Of Zorro Like a nineteenth century James Bond or Robin Hood, Zorro is one fictional character whose sell-by date never seems to arrive. The first cinematic outing for the masked vigilante arrived way back in the 1920s, with the most recent versions appearing as big budget action spectaculars starring the dashing Antonio Banderas. This version, released in 1974, relies on a very similar script and even some of the music featured in the classic 1940 version of this film.

Batman Forever
(1995) The Caped Crusader returns, this time played by Val Kilmer in Joel Schumacher's take on the comic book hero.

In Her Shoes
(2005) Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette star as the Feller sisters who come to blows over everything life throws at them.
Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette star as the Feller sisters who come to blows over everything life throws at them. From Oscar-nominated director Curtis Hanson
From 1950s Hollywood sleaze (LA Confidential) to the trials of a doped-up Pittsburgh professor (Wonder Boys) and the rise of a Detroit rapper (8 Mile), Curtis Hanson is fast becoming the Billy Wilder of his generation. Able to work within any genre, Hanson is also remarkably consistent at delivering superior work within those confines. Thus, it's no surprise to see him tackle In Her Shoes and turn what in the hands of others might be a run-of-the-mill 'chick flick' into a moving, familiar story of sibling reconciliation.

The Proposition
(2005) In 1880s Australia Ray Winstone's British officer gives Irish outlaw Guy Pearce an ultimatum: kill one brother to save the life of another.In 1880s Australia Ray Winstone's British officer gives Irish outlaw Guy Pearce an ultimatum: kill one brother in order to save the life of another. Starkly poetic outback western written by Nick Cave and directed by John Hillcoat
The Proposition The Aussie outback, 1880: Charlie Burns (Pearce) is an Irish outlaw, as distant and unreadable as Eastwood's Man With No Name. Captured alongside 14-year-old brother Mikey (Wilson), the pair are charged with the rape and murder of a pregnant woman. But it's the leader of the Burns gang, oldest brother Arthur, whom British officer Captain Stanley (Winstone) wants, and he offers Charlie a grim proposition - head out into the vast, hostile wilderness to find and kill Arthur, or Mikey will be hanged on Christmas Day, nine days hence. "Australia," says Stanley, black and white on his moral spectrum already bleeding into a murky grey. "What fresh hell is this?"

Beautiful Thing
(1995) Glen Berry plays Jamie, a youngster bunking off school who seeks refuge with his classmate Ste who lives in the same block.A tender love story about two adolescent young men set on a council estate in South London
Hettie MacDonald's feature debut is a summer romance with a twist.Click! Feature continues
Two boys, Jamie and Ste, are neighbours on a South London housing estate. One is dealing with his emerging homosexuality, the other with a brutal alcoholic bully of a father. But in spite of this, a sweet, tender love kindles between them.
Their relationship forms the core of the film, but the quirky characters that surround around them, not least the Mama Cass-obsessed Leah and Jamie's tough and sexy mum, are equally enticing.