Morning guys....

I have a big issue.

I have 2 Gammas and the problem that i was facing with the 2nd one is that i have a strange behaviour regarding the ATRs. If the card is cleared and programmed with the GammaLoader v1.0 or v1., the ATR that replies with the Anaconda Loader (read STR) is:

3B 9F 21 0E 49 52 44 45 54 4F 20 41 43 53 20 56 34 2E 31 9D

which is supposed to be the correct ATR for the NEW Gamma Cards.

If i use the Sataid Loader which also comes with a file called "osupdate.txt" then after i clear the card and reprogram it with the same files, the ATR becomes:

3B 9F 21 0E 47 41 4D 4D 41 43 41 52 44 20 56 20 31 2E 34 9D

which is supposed to be the ATR of the OLD Gamma Cards.

Could someone tell me plz, what to keep and what not? Is there also a newer os that could probably be loader from the files found in the "Gamma Files" section???