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Thread: Pack Stealth and UnderWorld

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    Pack Stealth and UnderWorld

    Update dcw for MGM On 9e (test ok at the moment)freq 11767 v 27500 5/6
    Update bell vu 0901
    Update dish network 0101
    Update dream tv
    dcw for max tv 16 E again ok (turn fix cw) [on]only some channels the rest down some channels are fta
    polsat is au premiere is au digitv is au(tested now)on underworld 124
    tps au (down)on underworld 124
    Conax ok for me on diablo rev 2.3 (On underworld 124)

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    Unhappy Re: Pack Stealth and UnderWorld

    Hello everyone,

    I have recently upgraded my Diablo Wireless Cam 2.2 with the 2.53 stealth, that as stated could support Irdeto2 system.

    I placed an original Irdeto2 zeta card 5.4 into my Twinbase and tried to watch the encrypted n@va. I tried all possible combinations with the AU, EMU, CAS system, Auto PMT and other settings of the cam but unfortunately without any luck. Occasionally when EMU and Irdeto where ON, having every all other settings to OFF I had a message on the screen:
    "Diablo CAM: You have no rights for this"

    Is there anything else I could try for card sharing of Irdeto 2 zeta card 5.4 ?

    Will the Underground soft be more compatible with this type of card?
    Should I upgrade Diablo Cam to 2.3 firmware?

    My Sat receiver is an Edision Argus with an upgrade that when the n@va Irdeto 2 smartcard is inserted into the smartcard slot immediately de-crypts it.

    Please you all gurus help me out, I am open to any suggestions....

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