Think it is time to put an end to this, what's happening is the following. A lot of people got stuck with stockpiles of didem/k3/plat/titan2/etc cards, all based on at90sc6464c chip.

Now with a virginizer_script and winexplorer they completely erase the cards (application and os) and use gama OS 1.1 and a fake OS 1.4 together with winexplorer.

The original gama card is based on the at90sc7272c chip which has some bugfixes on the bootsequence of the card.

As you can see, it's very LUCRATIVE (yet malicious) buzz. Well always fokkers around who want to make lot's of money in a short period of time with absolutely no risk (Who's gonna complain ?)

Wanna read more about it , go here ...

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Enjoy and think twice before you buy a gamcrapcard.

ps: witch CHIPDRIVE you can actually find out the exact atmel on your card, so you know if it's an old K3 card (the gamacards i have here are 6464c, and thus fake)

OZ cards -> fake.