Mediapro announces sports pay TV chnl

Mediapro, the Spanish producer which also controls the laSexta national network, has announced its inmediate-future pay DTT channel on sports with the Champions League and the Spanish Soccer League (pictured, left) as its main content. The producer has these rights for the seasons starting from 2009 until 2013. "We're open to selling these rights to third parties - those operators interested in the pay-TV market such as Telefónica's DSL operator Imagenio and even Sogecable's Digital+ which so far has been the owner of these rights. But we are also preparing another option in the form of our own channel," said Tatxo Benet, one of Mediapro's main managers.

As Rapid TV News has been reporting recently, the producer is thinking of charging a monthly fee of between €17 and €18 for the channel.

The idea is to take advantage of the big number of DTT channels already existing in Spain and to acquire one of them in order to create a pay-TV channel. But Spain's DTT law needs to be modified so this can be implemented.

According to some sources and even to some Ministry of Industry declarations this possibility is not being studied for the moment. "There is not an official authorization for this type of commercialization in Spanish DTT but we believe this situation can change in the near future because it is a logical option and perfectly plausible," added Benet.

Benet did not specify which technology will be chosen for the pay DTT model, but the producer is studying which type of conditional access system could be used. There are several options at present including Spanish technological company Sidsa with its conditional access system KeyFly, Kudelski’s Nagravision or Nordic CA Conax.