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Thread: lots of premier channels

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    lots of premier channels

    can someone please help me. I have 2 receivers . on one I get premier 1,2,3,4 a few others and then about 12 unknown all with films. I also get 4 porn channels.( all premier channels)
    On the other I only get the main channnels ,the receiver does not see the unknown channels or the porn channels. why is this as I am putting in the same transponder etc.
    same dish,lnb etc etc
    please help confused !!

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    Re: lots of premier channels

    hi m8,you dont say what reciever you have problems with.
    it sounds like a key problem.
    some cam files give this result as the emulation is incorrect.
    the channels you dont get are premiere premium channels,i guess you dont get sport either..
    please state reciever /cam type

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    Re: lots of premier channels

    Hi Thanks for that.
    I have a technomate receiver which is about 5 years old and does all the channels.

    The new one is a humax lcd tv with sat and cam slot built in.
    I use the same t rex cam for both.

    I have even entered the pid etc individually ,it then sees a channel but says scrambled.

    And yes you are correct I do not get the sport on the humax either !!!

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