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Thread: How do i add a provider to openbox 820

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    How do i add a provider to openbox 820

    Can anybody help me as to how to create a new provider and put this info into openbox 820 ??

    I'm completely confused, do i put it in via or ird, i know via starts with 0500 but where does it all go.

    In via i have options for ID and SA but there only in the format xx xx xx in all instances.

    I have;

    0500:3787:025100:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ;S*x on TV Gold (13E)
    0500:378B:025100:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ;S*x on TV Diamond (13E)

    In Ird i have ID and PROV, also only in format xx xx xx

    0628:000000:3787: 0B5C:0CE9:: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ;Sex On TV Gold
    0628:000000:378B:088E:0CE8:: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ;Sex On TV Diamond

    which set do i use, where and how ??

    many thanks

    Mr Smiley

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    Re: How do i add a provider to openbox 820

    Hi, before you start have you got 'pobedit' and the latest f3k key file loaded to your openbox? I think you will find it much easier editing your keys with pobedit.. and if you have the latest key file loaded it will make it easier to see how all the keys are set out.. Sex on tv use different encryptions as do others, keys sometimes become available with biss but i don,t think it is open at the moment.. The via and ird that you mention stand for viaccess and irdeto and when keys become available you can enter them into the correct places.. I have uploade the latest key file for you.. this will only work with pobedit version .0922 and firmware 5.40.. good luck

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    Re: How do i add a provider to openbox 820


    yep i have poledit 922, and the latest openbox key downloads

    I'm completely confused.

    Firstly, you have a phoenix apollo CI+MC with openbox 820, as i have, can you get sex on tv gold and diamond, cos i can't.

    I think i've tried everything.


    on looking at the openbox key downloads, I've seen that the published keys are used in the biss section, the last 8 blocks of the key are used and the 4th and 8th block is missed out.

    Still doesn't work

    I've gone to channels and set key 71 for gold and 72 ( thats their current positions ) for diamond, but still nothing, I've tried the first 8 blocks of the published codes, no luck,

    I've tried setting up a provider in viac and ird using the keys, but still no luck.

    Everyone says it works, including the key providers say sotvg and sotvd are ok, but not here :o(

    Any ideas

    Mr smiley

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    Re: How do i add a provider to openbox 820

    You must first activate Biss key for this channel:
    1)Select the channel which you want to open 2) go to receiver Menu (1117)-Biss keys 3) select the right key for this channel and press OK button on your remote... I havn't tested these channels, not because i'm an angel but my better half objects(time n place and all that), also when i do watch i use card sharing .. Remember, the keys don't last long

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