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Thread: Coolsat Firmware

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    Coolsat Factory Firmware

    these files are direct from the manufacturer so you have a flashfile to upload with a JTag if you didn't get a copy of your original.
    ver. 1.00 is for the 4000plus
    ver. 1.20 is for the 4000pro

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    Coolsat 5000 v1.10 Bin w/roll


    COOLSAT5000 Release notes
    Ver 1.10
    - bug fix for Auto CH/TP Update

    Ver 1.09
    - Motorset per each satellite
    - for correct operation if you use custom channel list
    :Bell Express VU sat name should be Nimiq xx(ex:Nimiq 1,3, Nimiq 2)
    :Echostar sat name should be Echostar xx(ex:Echostar 6,8, Echostar 2)

    Ver 1.8
    - MENU/Options/Auto CH/TP Update
    - MENU/Autoroll Option
    :If you don't have any problem using the box, Turn these autoroll-options on
    - for correct operation
    :Bell Express VU sat name should be Nimiq xx
    :Echostar sat name should be Echostar xx

    Ver 1.07
    -DISH/BEV autoroll bug fix

    Ver 1.06
    -DISH/BEV autoroll
    -4DAY EPG in favorite list
    :You have to add echostar EPG channel in favorite (ex: ch100)
    :One day EPG in all satellite

    Ver 1.05
    - Renumbering BEV:
    :MAIN MENU-System Settting-Options-Renumbering BEV
    :in case of BEV Channel, channel number will be added by 1000
    - Add Nimiq1/2/3 satellite
    - Key edit for BEV

    Ver 1.04
    - Support Bell ExpressVu

    Ver 1.03
    - Bug fix on epg after scan
    - Support Color Adjustment menu
    : YELLOW Key
    - Timer in EPG
    : Press RED key, then you will go to Timer menu directly
    : Press OK key on the follow event, then you will see the event with bule color,
    It will automatically fill the time and channel in the timer menu.
    After that, You can modify time of that event in timer menu

    Ver 1.02
    - Parental Rating
    : MENU->Main Menu->Security Setting->Rating(for ECHOSTAR- PG, PG-13, R, NC-17)
    : MENU->Main Menu->Security Setting->Age Limit(except ECHOSTAR)

    - Enhanced epg(can get other tp eit and improve speed)
    - Auto music-info pop-up on radio channel
    - Support caption
    - Bug fix on network search
    - Bug fix on wakeup channel

    Ver 1.01
    - Don't use this version

    Ver 1.00
    - You will see options for echostar
    - Main Menu - Option

    For North American Dishnetwork and Bell Express Vu

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    COOLSAT4000 v1.11

    COOLSAT4000 Release notes
    Ver 1.11
    - Renumbering rule(only applied if Renumbering by sid is on
    : DISH (CH 1 ~ 999, 6000~ )
    : BEV (1000 ~ 1999)
    : Other Network(2000 ~ 5999)
    - improve speed while changing favorite list or other network.
    - Some bugs have been fixed

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    COOLSAT5000 NORW v.113 1/20/06

    Newest auto-roll bin for coolsat5000 by [NORW-GROUP] COOLSAT SUPPORT GROUP.

    COOLSAT5000 Release notes
    Ver 1.13
    - bug fix on missing Sat ID Banner

    For North American Dishnet and Bell Express Vu.

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    Coolsat 4000 pro v1.12 Norw Group

    Got from another site.

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    Coolsat 4000 v1.13 and 5000 v 1.14 Norw Group

    Fixed autoroll. Works great!!!

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    Coolst 4000 & 5000 autoroll fix Norw Group

    Lastest fix for autoroll.

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    Wink coolsat 4000 rom102 channels fixed

    Coolsat 4000 fixed for the channels that need the embedded rom102.

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    Smile Coolsat 5000 Norwest V1.23 BIN (SoftCam)


    I did not see the newest Bin here so i figured that I would post it.

    Norwest makes bins for the coolsats, may work on clarke-techs and hubtechs also.

    Key menu is accessed by accessing channel 8 2 8 2

    Best Wishes,


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    Smile Latest COOLSAT firmware Upload util 2.4

    Here is the latest coolsat upload utility

    Best wishes,


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