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Thread: Technomate 3500 D+ Patch?

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    Technomate 3500 D+ Patch?


    I am new to this and have just purchased a Technomate 3500 D+ after reading several pages. This box seems to be a good choice however I cannot fin the darkman patch for it. Could anyone help?

    Also do I need softcam files for this? I don't understand what a softcam file is, could someone explain?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Technomate 3500 D+ Patch?

    Is this something new again? Or could it be that you got here late?!? AFAIK D+ is in Nagra3 and as such is not open period!
    I'm hoping that it's the former, but am willing to bet it's a case of the latter though...

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    Re: Technomate 3500 D+ Patch?
    patch here

    The D+ is type number from the technomate, not from provider D+ (Spain)
    and Darkman has stopped, its now Magic patches

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