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Thread: DigiQuest Firmware

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    Re: DigiQuest Firmware

    hi. didiquest 6500 plus firmware? Thank's

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    Re: DigiQuest Firmware

    Hello? Where can I get the firmware for Digiquest F777? Thanks

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    Re: DigiQuest Firmware

    Can someone please provide me with the latest firmware for the 6630+USB? My unit is stuck at boot, so I guess I need to reflash the loader as well.
    Any help is really appreciated!!

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    Re: DigiQuest Firmware

    firmware for digiquest 8010hd??

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    Re: DigiQuest Firmware

    Can you please re-post the firmware for the Digiquest 6630+USB?
    My unit is stuck when it powers on, and it only displays ON on the front LCD display.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: DigiQuest Firmware

    Good morning. I have a problem with srg on digiquest 6670 HD receiver. You hear the audio but you can not see the video
    I installed the model ID ALi_3602
    Version sw 06020400_1.5.74 EMU
    Hw version. Ali-hd3-lv-ver3.0
    Does anyone help me with a new firmware?

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