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Thread: Need A help From an Expert

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    Need A help From an Expert

    hi ..
    1 - How to download softcam and k*eys .bin files into a starsat4200 super , i tryed this loader (Loder for ***4000_4200.exe) but it said (file format illegale, chek it)

    2 - how can i enter a biss code by the remote controle in the starsat 4200 super, i mean the biss code is composed by 2 parts 00 and 01 but on the screen i only have one box for the biss code and one for the constant code

    3 - with starsat 4200 super can i open mct and sex view channels on hotbird?
    and digi+ x,xx,xxx and 4x in eutelsat w4 ?

    4 - i searched for the freex-delight channed on hotbird but i didnt find it, its frequency is 10853 H and i have this fequecy but without this channel !!!
    thx v much

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    Re: Need A help From an Expert

    I am here in the professional Forum To have Right Answers
    Anybody is there for Help ?

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    Re: Need A help From an Expert

    u posted u'r question in the wrong section this's why u've not a result ! u have to ask in starsat chat section.

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