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Thread: using matrix as smart card programmer

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    Arrow using matrix as smart card programmer

    Hello, is it possible to use matrix reloaded as a smart card programmer? If yes, which software I must use. By the way, i've read all the tutorials and my windows crashes when I install DVB-CA drivers(PCMCIA)..well are there other ways to use matrix as smart card programmer?


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    Re: using matrix as smart card programmer

    hi m8,

    inside program,for mrb is card section,never used it.

    maybe inside reloaded and revolution also .

    two possibilitys,

    1. using mrb menu.#

    2 . with cas 2/3.

    these mr loaders are not often talked about ,or tried unfortunatly.

    additional info.....

    mrb 404 /sr4 neo 404.for matrix reborn.
    these are said to open n3 on d+ using official card.

    i cannot verify this it is claim by program editor.


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