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Thread: Plaza xt-cm

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    Exclamation Plaza xt-cm

    Dear friends,
    new to the forum, and still trying to figure things out...

    Had a PCI Hauppauge DVB-S car in my PC, but had no CI... was able to see only the free-to-air channels...

    As I needed a box to decode without having the PC on I just bought, a few hours ago model Plaza XT-CM...

    Your comments on it would be appreciated...

    I also saw some updates, etc... how do I update it... and what updates are those please? does it have to do with firmware?
    Also, how do I check my machine's firmware???

    Waiting for your comments.


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    Re: Plaza xt-cm

    First you need to upload the latest patch [instructions how to are attached ]. If you have a disecq motor upload the latest channel list with the stb editor tool and then upload the latest softcam file with the keyeditor. Both tools are posted here :

    I hope this helps !!!!!

    Good luck

    If you need more help please ask.


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    Re: Plaza xt-cm

    To check your firmware go to :

    Data Download
    Password is 0000

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    Thumbs up Re: Plaza xt-cm

    Thanks a lot for the info my friend... to tell you the truth it all sounds like "chinese" to me

    I downloaded the file you posted with the PDF file... I guess I first need to buy the appropriate cable, which I do not currently have, Monday first thing in the morning! Then I'll take it from there...

    As for the Disecq, yes I do have one since I have 2 LNB's... one for Astra and one for Hotbird... when I setup my box, it gave me a diagram, and the only one that had 2 outputs was the "Mini Disecq"... everything works fine...

    So, let me get the cable, and I will have new questions starting on Monday!

    Thanks a lot my friend!

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    Re: Plaza xt-cm

    just figure out what STB is it's the box i bought, right?

    first step is done I guess!


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    Re: Plaza xt-cm

    just scrolled down to the PDF file to the point of "Editing Keys"....

    What is that exactly? is it for the scramble channels? does it affect the free-to-air ones?

    and since I may mess up the whole thing, can my machine be destroyed if I make any mistakes?


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    Re: Plaza xt-cm

    So the first thing I have to run is the STB editor?

    and then the "Key editor"?

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    Re: Plaza xt-cm

    and let's take it step by step...
    first with the STB (my machine as I have understood it) editor...

    What exactly does that do? I will edit what exactly, and in order to be able to do what exactly???

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    Re: Plaza xt-cm

    I did the "Data Download" thing and it shows the following:


    DL VERSION 255

    DL DATE 20/2/2008



    do I need to upgrade??? model is PLAZA XT-CM

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    Re: Plaza xt-cm

    lol ....... you managed to make me smile !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway ........... do you have a null modem cable? If no you need to get one ... make sure it is not a serial cable !!!!!!!!!!

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