Cablecom ups digital-TV subs

Switzerland’s largest cable company Cablecom has significantly increased the number of digital TV customers in the second quarter of 2008
At June 30 the company registered 321,000 digital households – an increase of 21,000 within three months. According to the company, an increasing number of new subscribers want high definition television. In the second quarter, around 40% of the digital TV receivers ordered by Cablecom’s customers were HDTV boxes.

At the same time, Cablecom recorded more customers for its internet and telephone connections, with internet customers climbing by 12,000 to 480,000, while telephone subscribers grew by 11,000 to 309,000.

Cablecom’s network serves around 1.9 million households. The company is backed by UPC Broadband, the European cable branch of US media concern Liberty Global.