90% of Spaniards within DTT coverage

Digital-terrestrial coverage in Spain is progressing, with 89.15% of Spaniards now able to receive a DTT signal according to latest figures by Impulsa TDT's Observatory.

This information has been offered by signal operator Abertis Telecom but it means a growth in coverage of little more than 3.8% in the last year. However, it also means that more than 1.7 million Spaniards have passed from not having access to DTT to becoming potential DTT viewers.

The evolution of DTT's coverage is regulated in the National Technical Plan of DTT and it establishes a calendar of coverage extension in six different phases. By July 31 all national and regional broadcasters had to cover 88% of the population.

The next extension of DT coverage in Spain will happen in five months’ time. By December 31 coverage must reach 90% of the population. And by July 31 2009, the figure must be raised again, to 93% of the population.

Finally and coinciding with the analogue switch over on April 3 2010, the signal must cover 98% of the total population in the case of the national public broadcasters and 96% in the case of the national private broadcasters.

As for the penetration, at present Spain's DTT reaches 37% of the population and more than 11.2 million decoders have been sold so far. Audience share for DTT is now 16% of total viewing.