Recent Key Change Log: (key.bin created/edited using the MASCRE teams fausto v1.29)

08/08/08 Free-X TV/Free-X TV2/XDream TV UnderWorld129 Key Compatibility Update added
08/08/08 ART 7W Key08(Diablo04) - thx REDHOU
08/08/08 TT on 4 28.2E CCWs - thx TrueBlue
08/08/08 Cyfrowy Polsat 13E Key00 [N2 AU [ON] worked ok on UW128 EMU]
07/08/08 ART 7W Key06(Diablo03) - thx REDHOU
05/08/08^TV Vlaanderen 19.2E Next Key0D (Sept) - thx TrueBlue
05/08/08 Canal+ NL 19.2E Next Key0D (Sept) - thx TrueBlue
05/08/08 Free-X Delight 13E/10E/12.5W CCWs - thx Senadxxx
05/08/08 Mediatech 4W Key0D (Sept) - thx taxi19
01/08/08 Cyfra+ 13E Next Key0D (Sept) - thx cpluscode
30/07/08 RAI 13E Next Key0D (Sept) - thx cool_eagle
23/07/08 "12005" Big Brother Red Button 28.2E CCWs - thx Saoud007
21/07/08 MTV Trax/FIVE T2 28.2E CCWs - thx Saoud007
06/07/08 RAI 13E Key0C August - thx cool_eagle
05/07/08 Canal+ NL 19.2E Key0C (Aug) - thx REDHOU
02/07/08 Mediatech 4W Key0C (Aug) - thx ahmad f
01/07/08 Cyfra+ 13E (TraceTv, Fox Life Polska, Cartoon Network, TCM Europe, Disney Polska etc)* Key0C (Aug) - thx REDHOU
26/06/08 RSC DigiTv 1W Key01 - thx Zeno
18/06/08 OCK Odessa 5E Biss Key - thx ses2000
06/06/08 TV Globo 13E Key00 - thx maumixo
28/05/08 Multicanal 30W Key01 - thx bozomustafa_68
*Some of which also open with Cyfrowy Polsat's N2 keys at the moment
[NB Next Keys i.e. Seca Aug Key0C's Untested]
^TV Vlaanderen Keys included in bin as may work under some CAMs with Fausto Emulator (Last test by myself was with Diablo Light only with S2.NL Rom presant on CAM - Did Not Work, France2 to 5, TRACETV, MEZZO, MOTORS & SailingCh Known to work under Predator360/Dragon & T-Rex CAMs)

NB. When Stealth/Underworld AU for Nagra2 is avalable for N2 packages such as Premiere/RSC Digi/Polsat turn N2 AU to [ON] to update keys then [OFF] once keys updated. If no AU after 60 seconds, load new key bin onto CAM or use the on screen menus to enter the keys in HEX or DECIMAL from the keys section of the forum.
(West Europe key bundle similair to my Dragon/T-Rex updates [see keys below], Remember you can add/change keys with Fausto or Diablo Key edit tools)

Keys: (only those tested listed, except Irdeto & Seca-4W Mediatech, more included)
30W Multicanal(Hollywood etc) (2301).
19.2E Premiere World/Star/XTC (501/503/505), 13E Cyfrowy Polsat (7101), 1W RSC DigiTv (2111), 13E TV Globo (C102).
5E Kingston(Hustler/Zone Tv etc) (0D0020/30), 13E BT 'H'(Jetix) (0D03A0), 19.2E ORF (0D0504).
19.2E Canal+NL (006A, for 19.2E TraceTV, Motors etc), 13E Cyfra+ (0065, for 13E TraceTV etc), 4W Mediatech (002A).
*7W Showtime, ADD & ART (0000 & 0001).
13E ABSat/TPS (7C00/55AEAE), 16E CSAT France(SIC etc) (7800), 5W MCM Europe (7400).
1W Canal+ Nordic, 16E Digit Alb SD Only ATM (Both handled by UnderWorld1.15 EMU & for Diablo2.3 only).
15W EarthTV, 12.5W Fox Germany (currently temp FTA) & Fox Serbia, 5W/22W ENTV-Prog Nat, 4W Megasport & M1 Inter, 30W Canal4, LDTV & AXN Portugal, 26E MBC Inter, 10E JSC feeds, 42E Rustavi, 5W Fox Life France, 5E TET, 5E OCK Odessa, 13E Rai Italia 3 Africa (previously Rai International Africa) & Sat2000.

Constant Control Words: Turn Fixed CW [ON] also in most cases turn Auto PMT [OFF] Unless Control Word CAID not in CAID file
- MTV Trax 11895V 27500 - Astra 28.2E
- Five T2 12304H 27500 - Astra 28.2E
- Big Brother 12480V 27500 - Astra 28.2E
- TT on 4 12480V 27500 - Astra 28.2E
- Free-X Delight 10853H 27500 - Hotbird 13E
- Free-X Delight 11189V 5208 - Eutelsat 10E
- Free-X Delight 11136V 3700 - Atlantic Bird 12.5W

NB: As I have Seca keys for 19.2E CANAL+NL and 13E Cyfra+ TraceTV in the key bundle. MTV Music 19.2E and Eurosport/CineMAX 13E (maybe others) do not open with PMT set to [ON] but set it to off and use a CAIDS file with NAGRA2 CAID and no SECA CAID and they both open fine. See the CAIDs read me notepad in the zip.

*** Numericable ID0084 removed so 13E W9/Boomerang only open with Classic Via2.3/TPS(ex-ABSat) and with this combination, Canal+NL 19.2E Motors TV (English Audio) is ok as well as 19.2E TRACETV & SAILING CH, KIV Requires the Seca Rom uploading to Diablo if using Diablo Light on its own without Fausto (ROM not Presant in UnderWorld1.26 to 1.28) ***

*I can't receive 7W & keys change regularly, should be able to input new keys via on-screen menus & remote now thou - Receiver Key08 is Diablo Key04 & Key06 is Diablo Key03 (thx dxdy for info)

*Not tested by myself (only have Diablo Light2.3 myself) Under Fausto/Season interface but now Cryptoworks Card Key06 added to Cryptoworks providers and all Betacrypt Tuneled Nagra2 idents now added (shamelessly taken from Saoud007's key.bin), advised to work ok with Fausto Emulator, please let me know if any problems (thx to Saoud007 for infos).

Use v_tps.db file in EMU/TPS3 folder to open ex-ABSat channels (if your not using Fausto Emulator with Twinbase/Season Interface and TPS.bin to open full TPS package), see txt file in zip for exact details of channels opened. This also opens basic TPS channels that use Via2.3 without TPSCRYPT3 eg BBC Prime, MTV France, VH-1 Europe, MTV Base France, MTV Pulse etc.

Use the August Key0C Fun/Gold cards for RAI/Mediatech (Diablo Light without Fausto/Twinbase etc) included in the zip - thx toredo

Note: File is named after last update done, this does not (especially in the case of channels opened with Control Words {CCWs}) mean the channel/package named will open, please read info in this thread and on the forum as to what is currently open