Hi how are you sat enthusiasts,

I am in need of help very new to this digital age :)
i have a dm7020s for about a week or so
i have managed to do the basics get it connected to the network (lan) update to gemini firmware
and got to talk to it via the serial port
and flashed to firmware that way,
so communicating to it has not been a problem,
i have been using smart ftp to transfer files and i hope that i have placed all files in the relevant folders,
what i have been able to do is view the fta and with
the use of my sky card and Cccam i can view all subscribed chanels,

this is what i would like to do if you can help :) please

without moving from 19.2 astra sat etc etc,
if its possible i would like to be able to view whatever is possable on all other satelites

and my question to you is how and what do i have to do
what do i need to purchase if anything

Many thanks Portersat