Intelsat moves closer to profit

Global satellite services provider Intelsat reported improved revenues of $584.9m (up $41.7m or eight per cent) for the three months to June 30 on Aug 13, helped by a favourable business trend with clients in Europe, North America, Africa and the Mid-East generating the greatest contribution to overall business.
“Transponder services revenue increased by $35.4m to $445.5m, due primarily to new services and strong renewals from network services customers for mobile, data and network infrastructure-related applications in the Africa, Middle East and Europe regions; and new services and strong renewals from customers of our government business in North America,” said Intelsat.

Intelsat’s net loss for the quarter-year was -$31.6m compared to a net loss for the same period last year of -$81.9m.

Other business divisions reported:
• Managed services revenue increased by $9.4m to $75.2m, primarily driven by the growth of International Private Line/Internet Trunking Services in North America and GlobalConnex Network Broadband services for customers in Africa and the Middle East.
• Mobile satellite services and other revenue increased by $2.0m to $28.2m. The increase was primarily due to increased sales of professional services and increased use of mobile satellite services by customers of our government business.
• Channel services revenue declined by $5.1m to $36.1m. The decline in legacy channel services revenue reflected the continued migration of point-to-point satellite traffic to fiber optic cables across transoceanic routes and the continued optimization of customer networks, a trend that we expect will continue.