Arianespace Carries AMC-21, Superbird 7 into Space

Thursday's Ariane 5 launch conducted by Arianespace carried two satellites - Japan-based Space Communications Corporation's Superbird 7 and SES AMERICOM's AMC-21 - into their respective geostationary transfer orbits.

The launch took place from Arianespace's facility in French Guiana. It was the 9th mission performed by an Ariane 5 in a 12-month period, during which the launch vehicle carried 16 civilian and military satellites along with the first Automated Transfer Vehicle for the International Space Station.

SES AMERICOM's AMC-21 satellite, which will be stationed at 125 degrees, will offer advanced Ku-Band links for mobile applications and TV broadcasting. Coverage for the satellite includes the 50 U.S. states, Southern Canada, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

The Superbird 7 is the seventh SCC spacecraft launched by Ariane and the 23rd Japanese commercial satellite contracted to Arianespace.