Hello all !
I have just converted my dead emtech 100 over to a starsat 120 receiver via. Jtag dump, I have no information on this receiver however it took the Jtag dump file, I now see channels displayed on the front display along with the em100 remote works along with the boot up and menu, however the problem is I don't see anything on the screen. It looks perhaps it may be in Pal format thus that's why I don't see anything on the screen.
Question is if someone owning this receiver can direct me via the menu / up/down/right/left arrows and ok button so I can get this into NTSC format?

That is if this receiver ( Starsat 120 ) receives NTSC format !
Anyone with a manual or directions how to get to that part of the menu into NTSC would be greatly appreciated.
I live in NA and we use NTSC format here, This was the flash dup file - dump starsat 120dtps5nagra. To me weather this file can see Nagravision or not dosen't matter, as I was looking just for the fta emtech em-100 dump rev.1.0 but could not find one anywhere so I used this dump file to restore this receiver. Now Im running into the stuck in Pal format that's stopping me from proceeding any further.
Any help with this receiver would be appreciated, also there is No info on this receiver at star-sat web site also No download manual info either.
Someone out there has this receiver please come forward it don't cost you anything to post in here!
Thanks in advance!