Hey all !
I know this receiver is old however I find it strange that however long this receiver has been around you can't find any files for this emtech model.
I have a emtech 100 U.S. and Rev.1.0.0 however as long as I have had this receiver I have never found any files for it. Back about a few years ago I tried to load a file from another receiver into this receiver,as you know I ended up with Dead screen and not even power showing on the screen.
I tried contacting emtechnics in Korea via email 3 seperate times with out any results, I can't beleive there was no files for this receiver on their site at the time. I beleive before I ruined the receiver I may have wrote down the loaded S/W and H/W - version however Im not sure if this was it. I had written somewhere this Model C100 - H/W version 5.0 / - S/W version 2.26,
I recently poped the cover and found that on the board was written em100 U.S. Rev.1.0.0 ,
Ok so now I had Jtaged it to a Astra 4900 however the same thing happened that happened when I Jtagged it over to a Starsat 120d - It shows channels, menu,boot-up and other buttons on em100 working properly except I don't see anything on the screen Im not sure if Im in Pal format or not and I have now way of knowing how to get it over to NTSC format!

Anyway the question is is there anyone out there with a normal em100 rev. 1.0.0 board I need just a normal Jtag, It don't need to be able to receive nagra or any other scheme I just need to put it bat to fta with NTSC format and I can go from there.

I have been searching for ever and a sunday looking even for a normal file for this emtech em100 receiver but yet to find any. I would think they sold more than one receiver of this model Im totally surprized you can't get any files from anywhere.
I checked on some of those file sites posted many don't exisit anymore and the one's that do only have from the em200 model and up, no em100!

Anyone out there with a flash dump for this receiver model?
Please if you have a dump file for this model it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You in Advance !
P.S. No Clone receiver file unless it's in in NTSC format thanks!

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