For those that don't know Ariza files are no more coming forth in NA for any Model which left many out in the cold !

However, through the hard work of some testers you can convert your NA model of the Ariza 700 or 750CX over to a Pansat receiver. Normally the Pansat 2500a was converted to a Pansat 2700 receiver so it can use the clone safe files for this model, so then the Ariza's 700/750's was then sucessfully converted over by Jtagging the 700/750cx receivers over to use this Pansat 2700 clone safe file. The receiver now uses "PanAriza files" for
B3v and DN , NA viewing with udated Nagra codes. ( May even include Old T5 Globecast viewing in some files ).

Those of you who have this receiver can easily Jtag your receiver to use these "PanAriza " files for viewing these sat's.

Don't forget in NA we use NTSC format so unless your tv can-not view this formatit will be useless for you, but if you can see NTSC format and can see 61.5 - (D.N.) or 91 (B3V) degrees west load up those receivers with the latest files, any one need more info please post in here and I will supply the Jtag info along with loaders files needed etc.