hello everybody

i have recently realised the dream of owning a motorised sattelite dish. i guess im a noob but im learning fast, i have a clarke-tech 2100plus. i have struggled through the summer to get set up for the start of the new football season and have now finally got thor and the astra's working.

what i really hope to get is nilesat for the 'SHOW' channels, i think i've found the sattelite but for some reason i keep getting no audio/video up on screen on some channels and scramble channel on others.

anyway in my search for answers i found this forum and it looks great with lots of info to help someone like me, so im pleased im having these problems because i prob wouldnt have found this site.

glad to be here. thanks

ps if anyone can help with info on how to unscramble nilesat i would very appreciate it.