Im using a Humax 5400z. For a long time I was using a paid cardsharing server to watch the N**a channels. I am using sharemax 5.5 and all the Humax settings are as they should be for cardsharing. Since a couple of days I upgraded the firmware to Toh hotplug 11.1 with the new PMCT list an the new key bin. But sharemax hangs on searching ECM, when I restart sharemax is working properly, but on some other channels is hanging again. I suspect that this has something to do with the new hotplug 11.1. When I start using sharemax some time ago, I was having similar problems. I have read in a forum ( do not which anymore) that I should use hotplug 9.3 and only module 4 from hotplug 8.4b. Is somebody familiar with this problem? I will appreciate any help